• Started our ride from Siliguri.
• Checked our bikes the previous night only.
• Papers for Permit submitted in Gangtok.
• Gangtok roaming – checked ✓

DAY – 2:-

The permit office usually opens at 6’o clock, so we were a little relaxed as we needed some good rest to carry on for the next day. Our leader (noni) and Santi Da went on an early morning walk and collected our permits. We were all good to go, we had our breakfasts in the hotel itself packed our bikes, checked all tyres and luggage.

By 9’o clock, we hit back on the roads.

We started our journey for our next destination Lachen enrouting some sightseeing. After riding half an hour or more we reached Sevena sisters fall. It was amazing, breathtaking, clicked some splendid photographs and was about to leave when we encountered some friends as told in previous mentions.

Lets Welcome, Dipayan and Souvik Da in this blog and the great Gurudongmar Trip. We had some common chit chats like where and when and who’s. They are residents of Singur, a place almost 500 km away from Siliguri, and they started their journey a day prior to us. After the formal talk we were in our own and after riding for almost 45 minutes we had our 1st checkpoint where we have to submit our permit. Not to worry friends, the permits are handed with full briefing by the authority, so it is very easy to roam in Sikkim without the worries of permit.

Ok, let’s continue our journey. We headed towards Mangan which is 54 km from Gangtok. Before Mangan, there is this last checkpoint I am not sure with the name but probably Lachen Bridge. We, The Milestoner’s were standing and here came Dipayan and Souvik Da too. It was again some smile and verbal exchange but not formal this time. Later we decided to stay in the same hotel. Standing there waiting for clearance, Dipayan said to me staring at my Discover ” will this make it to the mighty Gurudongmar?” I laughed because I wasn’t sure too, but “let’s see” was my reply.

We were at Mangan and it was almost 4 in the evening. We had our lunch midway. Ok to be noted point, very important ‘ Mangan is the last petrol pump point ‘, get full tank petrol and even in reserve. The route from here divides into two, the road on the right leads to Mangan (sign boards indicates so). From Mangan to Chungthang (30km), the road gets narrow and almost no road situation makes the journey worth the test.

After riding almost 1 and a half-hour later we reached Chungthang, and mishap happened when Jit’s apache’s gear lever fell down. We were like what to do now, really tensed and there is an army base camp in Chungthang.on asking the army personnel they helped us and said we had to go down. We thought of repairing it on our own as we were carrying tool kit. We did repair the gear lever and had some really tasty momos and after relaxing a little we set off for Lachen as it was getting dark. From Chungthang again the road bifurcates into two, the left one leads to Lachen and the right one leads to Lachung.

We took the sharp hairpin left to Lachen, and after an hour ride almost 26 km, to be honest, this was the most challenging part of the day. It was dark, little rain, zero visibility, fog, slippery roads, and whatnot. We were scared and excited at the same time, we all were ecstatic. At 8 past 15, we reached our homestay and it was late and even we were dead tired. After untieing our luggage we freshened up and had our dinner. All these were done in a hurry because everyone was in the mood of some good sleep after a long tiring ride. So goodnight everyone, see you soon on the other side and surely the most interesting part of the ride. So stay tuned and meet you soon.


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