• Planning & bookings
• bike repairing
• backpacking
• Collecting and taking necessary items.
• route-map downloaded offline
• some rest

DAY-1 :

It’s 3:00 am the sun is far from rising and yet to break the darkness all around and I set off with my ride. Everything was perfect untill the great Jit (always the late Latif), not that he was awake late but he was not done with the packing of luggage. We 3 join hands and make him ready within half an hour. Now, it was almost a quarter to 4 when we went to meet the rest of the members of our trip.

Common let me with all the riders and their bikes. Starting with Noni (our third class leader) and his cbz xtreme. He always has a feeling that his bike has some issues whenever he is setting off for a big ride, but in reality, he has a problem, not his bike. Then followed by Jit with his experimental and most rugged bike TVS Apache 200 4V. Why rugged and experimental will let you know some other time, it’s a long story. Santi Da and Bhaskar Da and their Enfield 500 classic and last but not least Bumba Da with his avenger 220. Finally we are all together and the destination is locked.

At 4:30 Am We Hit The Road.

We started at dawn because of some certain reason. The reason is that in Sikkim you need a permit to visit border areas especially in the north and east Sikkim, and the permit office closes by 11 am in the morning. After calculations and analysis we found that if we start from Siliguri as early as possible, then wastage of that particular day won’t happen as the permit office takes one day to give the permit. There is one more reason to start early is that NH-10 is very traffic prone area due to its important connectivity.

All the bikes were packed and tank full of petrol. We were all heading towards our mission. The same know roads seemed so different this time, the river Teesta was our constant companion throughout the journey until we entered the Sikkim border. We just took a 30 min break in our way for breakfast. All we had for breakfast is momos and a lots of momos. Then we reached the permit office in Sikkim on time. We submitted our documents with a form given to us by the Sikkim government official. The documents required are :-

• driving license
• blue book
• insurance
• pollution paper
• authorisation (if the bike is not in your name) duly done in the notary.
• valid identity document (voter card) *Aadhar card not valid
• and finally the itinerary plan for the trip.
• passport size photos (2-3 copies)

After submitting our documents and we were done for the whole day. So we decided to walk around the beautiful city of Gangtok after having some lunch and rest. In the evening we roamed around the famous MG Marg in Gangtok. We were so pleased with the beauty and tranquility of the capital of the state.

After the long tiring ride, and few kilometers of walk in the city took a toll but we all were waiting and excited about the ride. We went to sleep after having dinner quickly because it was instructed that we will get our permit early in the morning by 7’o clock. Meanwhile, in the whole process, we met some riders who later on went to become our friends for life. Stay tuned for further fun and thrill starting with day-2 of our journey. 


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