An Adventure Tale On Wheels To Sikkim-1



Destination: Tea Garden’s Are Best Place To Witness Nature, Innovation, And Photography

It’s the best time of the year, hell yeah it’s the season of travel, love, vacation, holiday, in simple words perfect time to ride. So, we also planned for a one day ride. This ride was specially organized for two good friends of ours from Bankura, Shibram, and Amar. They requested us for a ride together and we, as usual always ready to ride and explore. They don’t have much of time so, it was a one day Ride to Sikkim. Interested to know which part of Sikkim, The Milestoner’s explored this time.

Before the journey begins, let me introduce you all with the Great riders. You all are well aware of Jit, Noni and me. Of course, Shibram and Amar as the ride was planned for them, along with Surat, Nabatanu and Mayukh Da. So these are the people who witnessed a great memory, what about their rides? As it was a one day trip, so we did pillion this time as there was no luggage behind our bikes. We 3 had our usual bikes, Mayukh Da was riding his brand new Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruse ( the most comfortable bike on that journey to be honest ), Shibram and Amar hail from different part of Bengal, so they hired a Royal Enfield Classic 500 @1500/- for a day.

On the eve of Christmas, we took the Enfield from the bike rental shop as we had to leave as early as possible the following day. We only took the puncture kit and essential tools with us. At 2:30 am-midnight my alarm rang, I wake up thinking might be too early to leave the bed. Checked my WhatsApp and messages flourished one after another, everyone was awake, excited and ready to rock the roads. At 3:20 am in the dawn we flag off for the ride. It was the month of December, almost 5-degree Celcius in the morning. It was chilled all around, amidst the fog we kept riding.

Twist Before Temi

After riding for almost an hour as we were crossing Kalijhora Bridge, suddenly I noticed every single bike crossed us except Jit’s Apache. I was sitting behind Naba as he was riding my Discover-135, we stopped after riding a little further. Naba said let’s go back and check what’s wrong. It was still dark all around. After taking to hairpin bends we saw Jit was standing along with Surat, his pillion rider. We went to him at the same time Noni came and both of us enquired what’s wrong? On such Jit replied, his clutch wire was functioning abnormally making it impossible to move even an inch. We somehow managed to rectify the fault with almighty’s grace and then we started throttling a little more to make up for the waste of time as it was a long tour plan.

After riding 2 hours we reached Melli (Sikkim Border) from where we took the road to Temi tea estate.  Then after almost 6km roads began to get a bit rough little mud splashes here and there as the road on this part is been constructed and some due to nature’s grace. Although everything was going very well, all of a sudden surat who was riding Apache 2004v started skidding in a muddy patch, after few seconds surat panicked and pressed front brake too hard and a guess what? 360degree turn and baamm.

After almost an hour ride took us to Temi tea garden. The Temi Tea Garden in Temi, established in 1969 by the Government of Sikkim, is located in South Sikkim in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim. It is the only tea garden in Sikkim and considered one of the best in India and in the world. Top-quality tea is produced, which is in demand in the international market. The garden is laid over a gradually sloping hill. The tea produced in this garden is also partly marketed under the trade name “Temi Tea”.

The view was mesmerizing, we kept sitting there for almost an hour, had fun, loads of laughter and after having tea and snacks we moved towards Ravangla, which is 18 km south of Temi tea Garden. What we saw in Ravangla will let you know in the next part. Till then take care and stay connected.


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